Client: Duratek Federal Services


Ms. Sarah Schaefer (865) 574-1383

Mr. Ken Mullins (865) 574-1383

Contract No.: BOA-FS-OR-2002-EMWMF-005, Task 52001-006, Task 52001-007 and BOA-OR-2000-007

Value: $476,027

Performance Period: 01/00 - 12/06

Environmental Management Waste Management Facility (EMWMF) Sampling and Support Services


MDM Services Corporation provided environmental monitoring support at the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility (EMWMF) at the Oak Ridge Reservation. Our support included:

•  Storm water collection

•  Surface water monitoring

•  Leachate tank sampling

•  Contact water collection


•  Sediment basin sampling

•  Groundwater well monitoring and sampling in compliance with RCRA

•  Used oil sampling

•  Administrative support needed to perform required PEMS database responsibilities relative to sampling activities (e.g., sample labels, chain-of-custody documents, etc.)

•  Ship all samples to the required lab within the normal hold times and performed in accordance with 49CFR, IATA, and DOT requirements. Sampling performed in support of mandated compliance with TDEC, NDPES, and RCRA.

Sanitary Landfill Groundwater Sampling - MDM provided sampling support in the areas of groundwater well monitoring, soil sampling, and leachate tank sampling for Duratek Federal Services in support of TDEC permit requirements for Sanitary Landfill II, IDC-01-103-0189, Classified IDC-01-103-0075, Industrial IDL-01-103-0083, and Construction/Demolition Landfill VI, DML-01-103-0036 and Landfill V. MDM was responsible for collection of required quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) samples and documentation. MDM was also responsible for packaging and shipment of samples in accordance with 49CFR, IATA, and DOT requirements. Prior to all sampling events, MDM pre-populated the PEMS database with sample information i.e., unique sample identification number for each sample location and corresponding sample container that will be collected during that sampling event. Field data and parameters were entered into PEMS after each sampling event.


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