Client: Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Contact: Mr. Duane Moody

(303) 289-0507

Contract No.: 019068 and 025062

Performance Period: 06/99 - 09/00

Landfill Remediation


MDM Services Corporation (MDM) has been involved in several significant remediation efforts at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) since 1998. The RMA, located west of Denver International Airport in Commerce City Colorado , was op erated by the Department of the Army from 1942 until 1982. In the latter years, Shell Oil Company op erated a portion of the facility for the manufacture of pesticides. During the years of op eration by the Department of the Army, the RMA facility was used for the manufacture, storage, and decommissioning of various conventional munitions, napalm ordnance chemical weapons including VX and GB nerve agents, and Lewisite and mustard blister agents. Today the RMA is transitioning from a Superfund site into the largest urban wildlife refuge in the United States and will be managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


In 1999, MDM was awarded a contract by Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation (FWEC) for the Section 1 Existing Sanitary Landfill Soil Remediation Project . The project entailed the excavation, transportation, and restoration of a 7-acre site. MDM removed approximately 25,000 cubic yards of Human Health Exceedance (HHE), Biota, and Priority 1 classified soils within the allotted schedule and budget. The project was completed in October 1999. MDM is proud that our performance on this project contributed to being a part of the contractor team that was recognized as attaining Star Status within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) in July of 1999. RMA was the only Superfund site in the nation to have been recognized in this manner by OSHA.

In March of 2000, MDM was awarded a second, larger contract by FWEC for work on the Munitions (Testing)/Burial Trenches Soil Remediation Project (MT/BT). The project entailed the excavation, waste segregation, and transportation of white phosphorous, napalm, chemical agents, pesticides, and metals-contaminated soil, as well as disposal of unexploded ordnance, and munitions debris. This project required excavation to prescribed depths up to 20 feet at 35 discrete sites across the RMA. MDM excavated some chemical agent soils using Level B personal protective equipment (i.e. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). By project completion, MDM had excavated and transported to the on-site Hazardous Waste Landfill over 130,000 bank cubic yards of contaminated material. In addition, MDM was responsible for soil ripping, while screening for chemical agent, of over 30 acres of former chemical agent handling areas.

At the outset of the MT/BT Soil Remediation Project, FWEC required MDM to submit numerous management and procedure plans prior to the initiation of fieldwork. These plans included: health and safety, vehicle and equipment decontamination, personnel decontamination, dust control, waste tracking, construction quality control, storm water and erosion control, traffic control, and project scheduling with SURETRACK (Primavera) software.

For the MT/BT Soil Remediation Project, MDM successfully managed all project document control efforts. As a result, MDM passed numerous project audits performed by FWEC and the Army during the project duration and at project completion.

MDM successfully implemented a Health and Safety Plan (HASP) that promoted pr op er planning, tasking and training of personnel on plan requirements, and execution of the work in accordance with the HASP. This is crucial in a work environment like RMA, where individuals could potentially be exposed to contaminants such as chemical agents, pesticides, PCBs and metal-contaminated soils. Through rigorous implementation of its HASP, MDM succeeded in safely completing the project without any major incidents. MDM completed the entire RMA project without loss of any man-days of work and without any issuance of notice of violations (NOVs). The ability of MDM to work in an environment as compliance demanding as RMA without issuance of a single NOV is a reflection of MDM's overall commitment to safety and professional excellence.

Over the course of the project, FWEC selected MDM project management personnel to serve as subcontractor representatives on health and safety, and process-streamlining advisory committees. MDM personnel offered input on a voluntary basis, and aided FWEC to modify and improve the site-wide working environment at RMA.

MDM completed the project on time and within budget while working in this natural resource-sensitive environment.

FWEC and the Army project management team nominated MDM for recognition as “Small Business Subcontractor of the Year” at the completion of the fieldwork in October 2000.


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